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Anouk van Klaveren is a Dutch designer that explores the sharp edge of aesthetics. Her work revolves around the alienation of the human body and deconstruction of luxury.

“I find it interesting how fashion enables us to create social structures and hierarchy. A leather jacket represents the cool guy, Scottish tweets is associated with upper class tailoring, Swarovski with wealth. I like to play with this connotations, change the context and blend all these in a new story. By doing this I try to put the luxury industry into perspective and question the value of these elements.”

Anouk van Klaveren is the co-founder of designers collective Das Leben am Haverkamp. Das Leben am Haverkamp is a platform that represents four young fashion designers that have their individual labels – Christa van der Meer, Dewi Bekker, Gino Anthonisse and Anouk van Klaveren. Together they create the novel context necessary for their unrestricted way of working and thinking.