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madrid / spain


Universidad Europea de Madrid

Graduation year


CarmenM. CastañedaDíaz, the designer, as a consequence of Art &Fashion.
Born in Madrid, soon she becomes interested in visual and artistic world.

After studying Fine Arts and Scenography in Madrid, she presents part of her work in different exhibition spaces in Madrid. Faithful to her intimate language about time, she creates pieces which are on the limit between reality and fantasy, between visible and not visible.

CarmenM.CastañedaDíaz acquires her first knowledge about fashion design at the IED School in Madrid and Barcelona.

Years later, she decides to live in Paris and London to be inspired by new influences, where she studies embroidery techniques of Haute Couture at L'Ecole Lesage in Paris and pattern making and draping at London College of Fashion.

It is in this way that Anónima by cm appears, an experimental brand where materials take prominence. A place where haute couture techniques meet artistic techniques.

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