Grey Sheep


Manama / bahrain

From a desire to share beautiful art with the world, entrepreneurial sisters Nada and Noor Alawi brought to life a vision of creating luxurious artistic silk scarves with the inception of Annada. With a lifelong passion for art and fashion, Annada opened its doors in 2011 as a medium for sharing fine art, unique accessories and gifting solutions. In collaboration with international artists, we create a stunning fusion of art and fashion-wear inspired by fine artwork of the region. Annada scarves are a representation of beauty, romance and art, with each featuring a signature artistic accent from our carefully curated artist base. From delicate silk and leather to fine wool and cashmere, our growing collection epitomizes versatility and sartorial grace. Find beauty in our collection and indulge in luxury, spreading our passion from each artist to Annada, and from Annada to you.

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