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“I’m not afraid to experiment and to develop new forms. I love working with simple materials and processing them into jewelry. I see jewelry as an integral part of any woman’s wardrobe. It simply adds sparkle.” Anna Zullian.

I'm an Italian jewelry designer and fashion writer. I was born in Feltre, Italy. In 2008 I graduated in Contemporary Art at the University of Parma.
In 2010 I attended the course in Fashion Pattern and than, in 2011, I started the collaboration with Vogue Italia and
In 2012 I attended the course in Fashion Design at Esmod, Berlin.
At 2014 I won a great prize "Blaue Blume" with my necklace NONNA, 6.19.2010 at Design Transfer in Berlin.
At 2015 I won a SWAROVSKI #SparklingFuture contest.

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