Anna Tamas-Katzer

Grey Sheep


london / United Kingdom


London college of Fashion University of the arts London

Graduation year


Anna is a Hungarian knitwear designer with a quirky aesthetic and bold designs. She was raised in Budapest, lived in Spain for a year and completed her studies at the London College of Fashion. She takes most of her inspiration from her ever-changing surroundings and the people around her.
Anna finds humour to be one of the most essential thing in life. That is the one thing that can help one through the day, especially when one is living in a big and busy city, too caught up in work and the everyday stress that comes with that rush. She wants people to look at her work and have a laugh. All those busy and stressed out people deserve to have a laugh and a breather. They don't need to find it pretty. As long as it gets some sort of reaction out of them, it is mission accomplished. She wants people to go home thinking they've seen something unusual and unexpected and hopefully something that brought a smile onto their face.
Anna's work is vibrant with a rainbow of a colour palette and a comic input. She is very hands on and crafty and it comes through her work. Every little technique and detail was made meticulously, adding a bit of her personality to the fabrics as she makes them. She puts her heart and soul into her work, not only because she wants the end result to be a reflection of her character but because the process of making is what makes her feel the happiest. It is that feeling of joy she wants to portray in her work and pass onto the audience.

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