Anna Kathryn Gregor

Black Sheep


maastricht / germany


Academy of Fine Arts and Design Maastricht

Graduation year


Before the study in Maastricht, Anna graduated 2006 as Designassistant in Germany and worked 2008/2009 as a Guest student at the Opera of Cologne at the costume department. During her study in Maastricht she worked as an intern at the german based label c.neeon. 2013 she graduated with the collection "Keep distance!" A text of Arthur Schopenhauer in which he compares the behavior of porcupines with human society inspired my collection concept that reflects on human behavior in private and public spaces. Schopenhauer describes the human need for both affection and protection. People avoid getting hurt by trusting only their inner circle with their deepest wishes, dreams and feelings.
“Keep your distance! Because I’m not willing to divulge myself because I don’t know if you are worth it.” The natural armor of the porcupine inspired my collection of deformed body shapes and the usage of elements of safety clothes. The process of metamorphosis of the porcupine is depicted in layers of clothing. Layers of wool, silk, cotton combined with big sculpted fake fur showpieces, build a layer of safety around the body.

Latest Collection