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lviv academy of arts

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Anna Grove is Kyiv-based brand of elegant clothing with reflective elements created by designer Anna Gaiova at the beginning of 2021.

The concept of elegant safety emerged In September 2019 when Anna became a winner of Safe Fashion contest on Ukrainian Fashion week. It was young designers' competition for highlight road safety issues, which required creation of any look using reflective materials. Anna merged checkered cape-coat and tweed midi skirt with functional light-reflective elements into one harmonious look. Since then combination of classic style and sophisticated silhouettes with reflective elements for pedestrian road safety in the dark became the main direction of Anna`s creative work.

September 2020 – Anna Gaiova debuted on Ukrainian Fashion Week with collection «Lines of light» Spring-Summer 21, consisted of twelve evening and cocktail gowns with reflective elements.

February 2021 – Anna Grove brand`s reflective wear collection Fall-Winter 21/22 became the headliner of Ukrainian Fashion Week. Each item from coats to knitvear has reflective elements that during the day are hidden or serve as a decor and emphasize details and shapes, but in the evening become visible in cars headlights and camera flashes.

Designer of Anna Grove brand continues to develop the idea of road safety and shows that light-reflective elements are not only utility service uniform, but also a spectacular, harmonious detail of elegant style.

Don’t look for compromises, don't sacrifice your appearence for the road safety – reflect your style!

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