Animal Crackers

Grey Sheep


los angeles / united states



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united states

Candice Molayem sees the world through technicolor
glasses. As founder and designer of Animal Crackers, this
multidimensional creative force is devoted to the excavation
and preservation of timeless style.

Inspired by the colors, patterns and energy of American
fashion in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Molayem
creates bold, wearable clothing made to last. Her debut
collection for Animal Crackers is composed of sharply
tailored, mix-and-match pieces designed for multi-season

Born and raised in Los Angeles to a Persian immigrant
family, Molayem was encouraged from a young age to
express herself through painting, decor, fashion and
entertaining. Additional creative endeavors include
professional work as a tattoo artist in Los Angeles and
Berlin; collecting and selling vintage clothing and artifacts
through storefront Flamingo Vintage; and wardrobe and
food styling.

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