Angelia ami

Black Sheep


milan / italy


instituto marangoni milan

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Born in 1993, Angelia grew up in Monza, in an eccentric environment, surrounded by animals.
After attending classical studies, in 2012 she starts her path studying Fashion Design at Istituto Marangoni, in Milano; in 2016 she establishes Angelia Ami. The brand’s goal is to propose and communicate a product that reflects a fresh and current image, lasting over time.
"Ami", meaning "beauty exists" in Japanese, it’s Angelia’s second name: the lines are essential, conveying a meaning, not just an aesthetic.
In her research on materials we perceive a common thread, which unites the collections: the inspiration arises from the curiosity to look out over the world and do it through its interpretation.
The collections are designed for a contemporary woman with a strong personality, who wants to express herself through pieces of clothes.

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