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barcelona / spain


ied barcelona

Graduation year


Based in Barcelona, young womenswear designer Angela Bang grew up in the Canary Islands and studied her craft at the prestigious Hong-Ik Univeristy. Expanding her knowledge of fashion design, she followed this up with her degree at the Instito Europeo Di Design; her accomplished graduate collection ‘Me, myself & I’, exemplified her passion for haute couture and the fusion between different cultures. After completing the degree, she specialised in swimwear & lingerie patternmaking at Felicidad Duce and created “Pour Lire a Deux”, a collection made using the lingerie and corsets from centuries past as her muse. Bang launched her eponymous brand with the ‘FFW/Fast Forward' collection. Since this successful endeavour, her season-less pieces have continued to impress and her latest collection ‘Fringed’ is sexy, feminine and takes inspiration from 1980s raw power. Emphasising the freedom of movement and the playfulness of the body, her interest in conscious silhouetting is marked. Nothing inspires me like… Street Style. I love sitting down on a bench with my ipod and just glancing at all the people that pass by while my brain files all the styles that attracts my attention. I hope… That one day I could fulfil my dreams and see my designs walking on one of the most important catwalks. Cultural Influences… Are a big part of who I´ve become as a person and as an artist. I got where I am... Because I love what I do and being a designer is just part of who I am. Fashion can sometimes... Make you happy, excite you and sometimes disappoint you. It has this capability to change your mood state and consume you 100%.
Love now because… It is one of the most important moments in my life. Faith in… Myself! It is one of the first things that we should learn in life. Creativity comes from… Where you least expect it. NYC/London/Paris/Milan is… Where I would love to see myself in the future. I'm a perfectionist… In all ways! Every piece of work has to be perfect! My first crush...
Haute Couture! I still remember my first magazine that woke my fascination about fashion. Since then, that was my goal and still is. I get bored easily... With trends and styles. That´s the reason why every season I like to search and find different ways of designing wearable clothes, mixed with different types of trends and styles. I don't think... I could ever stop creating. Once I did but I think it won´t ever happen again. I like making… Every piece of my collections. There´s nothing that excites me more than to see a finished piece of work which began from a few lines. That´s the fascination about fashion. I love getting older... Because every moment in your life is precious. It is what makes you grow in a personal and professional level.

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