Andrea Renosto

Grey Sheep


treviso / italy



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Andrea Renosto, born December 19, 1991, is an Italian based designer.

Raised during the 90’s, Andrea got to know earlier Tomb Raider video games and cheerleader-themed movies rather than clothes and fabrics.
He spent all his childhood’s winter days and summer nights drawing sat in front of the television. His favourite themes: princesses in evening gowns, fluffy cats and mermaids.
He firstly approached to fashion at IUAV University, which he graduated from Fashion Design in 2013.

His aesthetic grammar is filled with popular culture common themes and clichés, referring to both bad and good taste iconic figures.
Looking at his childhood memories and background passions, his line bases on the classical garments construction and details. Key-words: irony, fun, bad taste.
Andrea is fascinated by Good Manners, foreign cultures, and sparkly and shallow stuff.

“If I had to choose any job but fashion I would be an ice-cream dealer. Or a pop star singing about ice creams."

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