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berlin / germany



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André Ribeiro, born 1953 in Bordeaux/France, has studied Jewellery-Design at the “Fachhochschule für Gestaltung” in Pforzheim (Germany) from 1976 till 1981 by Prof. R. Reiling. Since 1982 free-lance designer, he works and lives in Berlin.
The new materials mix, which, in the early 1980’s, caused a lot of head-shaking in the jewellery industry, was a perfect match with the designer’s personal philosophy: “The question of the value of what is intrinsically worthless and the worthlessness of the valuable reflects a stance that is basic to my life,” says Ribeiro.
The brilliant beauty of genuine diamonds shines like stars in the night on the black matte rubber background.The exciting combination of long standing value, eternity, and the everyday is realized in extreme formal clarity. Minimalism in contemporary jewelry.
The question of whether the public would accept as jewellery a product that belied all conventional expectations is already answered today. The idea behind this line in jewellery was copyrighted in 1997 as being of particular cultural importance.
In the meantime, after 30 years existence, this jewellery line is consider as a “classic line” which is updated persistently.

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