Anaïs Abrams

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brussels / belgium


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Anaïs Abrams is a Belgian fashion designer. She studied in Brussels, and a few months in Madrid, during an exchange program. Her work was shown in multiple events in Belgium.

She trained in different companies such as Filles à Papa, Maison Bernard Depoorter, LCS Atelier.

She's inspired by travels and adventures, vintage stuff and old souvenirs, the colors/shapes/patterns of specific details observed in life. She wants to help people express their personality, to feel confident and powerful.

Anaïs Abrams’s designs are for the daydreamers, adventurers, optimists and open-minded curious ambitious individuals. They’re not only accessories or clothes, but materialized inspirations telling a story. They’re concrete things that can help you bring some dream into your daily life. They carry the message that imagination is the best tool to make reality a bit more magic.

Life tastes better when you see the glass half full, and want to make the most of it. Don’t forget to have fun, to dance in your kitchen or to do whatever makes you happy.

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