Grey Sheep


new delhi / india


pearl academy of fashion

Graduation year


Every once in a while, along comes a fashion label that has the power to permeate set barriers and dissolve all stereotypes. 'Anaam' is one label that breaks away from rigid barriers, prescribed norms, and is in every aspect, a body that has a soul of its own.

Anaam specializes to work with concepts and transform them into tactile pieces.
Through the design process, it envisions its creations to play the role of healers- providing the wearer with freedom, comfort, and an intangible yet very aware emotional empowerment.
Creative Director and Founder(Sumiran Kabir Sharma)

The relationship with The Woolmark Company (Australia) started in 2013 during my final Graduation Design Project. It was definitely love at first sight. Not only I fell in love with wool as a fabric but I did win 2 top awards on the 25th may 2013 for the Best Design collection award (Portfolio 2013) and The Woolmark Young Talent Award (Best Design Collection in merino wool) and then there was no looking back. We were operational since then to finally arrive at the launch of our first flagship store and studio in New Delhi 111 A , Shahpurjat on the 5th of December 2015.


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