Black Sheep


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Modatex - Vocational Training center (Fashion and Textile Industry) Oporto

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Born and raised in Beja - Alentejo - Portugal, since early age has an interess for fashion, while helped grandma unwind knit hanks, for the blouses that she knitted. Each collection is a cathartic travel for an insight and organic world. Her personal perspective of the surrounding, emotions and inspirations that are involved in the creative process, result in collections with an exclusive and organic design approach.

The materials are carefully selected, based on an ideology "cruelty-free", natural and no natural fibers offers alternatives to animal skin and fur. The high quality techniques, results in unique and timeless pieces, which are intended to be comfortable and a "second skin", without neglecting the feminine and sophisticated side.

She joins the Fashion Design course in 2010 at Modatex - Vocational Training center (Fashion and Textile Industry) Oporto, Portugal.
February 2012, won the 1st prize in Young Fashion Designers Contest at Modtíssimo - Oporto - Portugal.
October 2012 had her 1st participation at the Portugal Fashion - Space Bloom Oporto - Portugal.