Black Sheep


london / United Kingdom


Norwich Univeristy of the Arts

AMY OLLETT is a Conceptual Fashion Designer, Choreographer and Dance Artist/Researcher.

Ollett's practice is interdisciplinary, exploring the interface between dance, fashion, movement and design. It is Informed by the properties of fabric, garment and choreography in order to develop form, shape and conceptual relationships.

"Beginning with the concept that the body should be extended physically and emotionally through design, my research tests ways to extend natural form, allowing the body to construct its own resolution to dress. As a trained dancer and choreographer, I know the extremes of the body and its limitations. I believe these limitations can be realised through other means of expression and design, resulting in expansions of new movement. My work synthesises body and garment so that, without the other, neither fully exists. The body is no longer a passive thing to be ‘dressed’ but creates the complete form."

This has led to the development and innovation of a performance design research methodology 'Choreology Design" that allows expression and physicality to go beyond the skin, encouraging practical and artistic coherence of both body and design with the exploration of improvisational movement.

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