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Lisa Harris is the creator of the award winning, British brand Amulette. Amulette is an eclectic and unique brand focussing on handpicked, precious gemstones and metals used to create incredible pieces of jewellery as unique and special as their wearers.

Lisa has a strong awareness of the world around her and chose a bear as the symbol for her brand Amulette. The bear has long represented strength and confidence in the face of adversity, it represents healing and support. A brave, fearless animal, loyal and brave.

The name Amulette itself represents healing. Amulets have been worn and displayed for thousands of years to protect against damage and charm. It was important to Lisa that her pieces of jewellery would represent precious talismans to be treasured and bring good fortune to their owners.

Lisa has designed and created a collection of adaptable jewellery for necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. The emphasis is on charms. Charms that the owner can change and rearrange to their hearts content. The incredible Labyrinth rings boast a wide and diverse range of interchangeable precious gemstone charms, all of which fit all the different size and style rings. These charms allow the wearer to create and personalise their own piece of jewellery, unique to them. Equally, the huggie hoops come with a range of charms that can be altered and changed, the charms are echoed again in the bracelets and necklaces.

Every charm, every piece of jewellery created starts with Lisa’s pad and pencil, her eye for detail and her enthusiasm. Amulette is her passion and nothing leaves the workshop unless she is happy. The creation of the Labyrinth ring concept and its myriad of charms has been a labour of love for Lisa and consequently every ring, every charm and every client are special to her.

Lisa’s passion and enthusiasm for Amulette and its unique, individual style has led to many industry awards. Since its launch in 2014 Lisa’s work has been exhibited in both London and New York, she has designed pieces for royalty, celebrities and leading fashion houses. In 2016 Lisa was the proud recipient of the 2016 UKTI British Design Award, which enabled Lisa to take the Amulette brand worldwide.

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