Amina K.

Grey Sheep


cairo / egypt

Amina K. is a fashion line dedicated to and inspired by Egypt. Started by Amina Khalil in 2009, after studying fashion design and marketing in London and interning in different fields in the fashion industry, Amina decided to go back to her roots to create a new concept. By combining traditional Egyptian silhouettes and giving them a modern western twist, she aims at introducing a new style.
Amina noticed a demand in the fashion scene for ethnic inspired garments: she saw an opportunity for the Egyptian style. Her aim is to use Egyptian resources in every detail, fabric and workmanship. Production is carried out in local workshops, mostly handmade allowing her to pay closer attention to details, adding a personal touch. Collections are exclusive and limited. Amina K. product range includes women’s wear, accessories, eyewear and men’s shirts. The pieces are designed to be mixed, matched and layered. There are endless possibilities of how one can wear Amina K. which gives each person the freedom to create their individual style, always with one common thread running through them linked to Egypt.

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