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*to dress yourself, to create your own surface is a political act. it is a human right. it is communication. the worth of the garment we wear does not come with the price tag. it is loaded with emotions, identity and memories of lived life. characters of past days, ready to choose on darker days. the power of dressing is often underestimated. be in dialog with your body. support yourself by designing yourself.

anna menecia antenete hambira lives and works as a freelance fashion designer, artist and creative director in Vienna.

through her own everyday reality, as a black queer woman born in Germany and living in Vienna, her designs deal with topics such as gender, sexuality and race.

amaaena is an interdisciplinary fashion project based in Vienna that combines sustainability, contemporary fashion and socio-political responsibility. it works outside the existing fashion cycle in order to conserve human and natural resources. the core aim of the project is to revalue the everyday objects of clothing and to visualize the reality of the lives of marginalized people. it's about starting a conversation and taking up positions.

garments are loaded with the energy of the people who created it.

amaaena focuses on unique pieces and small productions. the individual garments of the different styles are always numbered. designed to become forever favorites with collection character.

part of the project's identity is interdisciplinary collaboration. under the name amaaenaStudio, the project opens up and becomes active in the fields of visual arts, costume, moving image and the creation of creative concepts.

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