Black Sheep



barcelona / spain


IED BA (hons) University of Westminster

Graduation year


I remember when I was little that I used to spend all my evenings drawing, drawing the
same girl in different outfits without any idea of what I was doing; without any consciousness
about fashion. Once, my mother came to me and asked me if I wanted to be a designer;
I had no idea of what was a fashion designer, the only thing that was clear to me
was that I wanted to spend my entire life drawing clothes filling sketchbooks and notebooks.
I did not have a background that favoured creativity, art or fashion, even then my
imaginary was full of symbols, references and influences that have constructed me as a

I cannot understand fashion as an industry
that creates clothes; it has been my scape, my passion, my world all my life. I needed to
find the sense in all that nonsense, and my reaction was going back to the origins so as to
find again my identity. I cannot avoid my roots and my imaginary when they are my main
inspirational source, translating my essence into tangible creations is what makes me passionate
about this profession.

That is why I am taking this direction, I am going to exalt and irony my essence going back
to roots getting inspired by them with passion and dedication. Looking back to the origins
creating something contemporary, that is the way that I have found to develop myself as a

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