Aloïse Mahé-stephenson

Black Sheep


london / United Kingdom


london college of fashion

Graduation year


Therapeutic Fashion.

ÄM-S is a brand with the will to study and free human psychology by working with the imagination. 

The designs celebrate inclusivity and liberation, and push the boundaries of the unknown, morphing our preconceived notions of fashion and the psyche.

Each collection explores a different part of one’s mind, from conscious to unconscious, and serves as therapy. Merging the lines between Art and Fashion.

Through softness, movement, and volume, Aloïse Mahé-Stephenson creates a complex yet comforting take on the link between body and mind.

Aloïse graduated from Fashion Design Womenswear (BA) at the London College of Fashion in 2019, and she reaches for unconventional fabric choices, and designs with conceptual techniques.

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