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copenhagen / denmark


the royal danish academy of fine arts - school of design

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Alla is a sustainable designer-maker born in Ukraine, schooled in Belarus, studied art and design in Ireland and graduated with MA in Fashion Design from The Royal Danish Academy, Copenhagen in 2021.
Formally educated as a biologist and self-taught dressmaker, she is fascinated by traditional craft techniques combined with precise tailoring. Alla creates enduring and contemporary pieces through handcrafted and manipulated textiles and various fabrications. Working with natural materials, such as wool, linen, recycled silk & leather she incorporates wet and nuno-felting, quilting and dyeing processes to create sculptural and figurative clothes and accessories with minimum waste.
Alla’s work takes inspiration from architecture, contemporary art, natural and mundane objects underpinned by archival research and rediscovery of artisanal techniques and haute couture fabrications. The work combines contrasting textures and minimalist silhouettes with traditional and modern materials to create one of a kind garments. Studio practice is focused on the development of high-quality enduring pieces and innovative patterns, use of natural local materials and underappreciated handcrafts.

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