Alison Murray

Grey Sheep



edinburgh / United Kingdom


amfi / amsterdam fashion institute

Graduation year


Cyber Tailor, Clothing Creator, and Collaborator. Alison believes in the power of phy-gital responsibility to be a force of change in the fashion industry. She originates from the UK but has been educated globally, and now resides in the pixel world championing digital garment creation and animation. Her work focuses on how digital fashion innovations can be used responsibily. Digital does not equal sustainable.

Since graduating cum laude in 2020, she has been freelancing and collaborating with brands and creatives globally. As well as premiring work at Helsinki Fashion Week's Digital Village '20, Brookyln Digital Fashion Week '20, Tel Aviv Design Bienalle '20, Amsterdam Digital Fashion Week at the Fashion Cloud '21, and New York Digital Fashion Week '21.

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