Grey Sheep


baia mare / romania


university of art and design

Graduation year


Main Manufacturing Countries


- First Collection: Contraste, presented at Gala UAD 2009 by Monica Columbeanu
- Alinka Collection - based on Russian Style and a lot of golden accessories, presented at Rivulus Fashion, Baia Mare
- Le Chat Noir - based on black dresses with golden accessories
- Alinka Gone Wild - based on animal print and wild outfits - presented at Rivulus Fashion Baia Mare
- Alinka becomes a Diva - based on long dresses, fabulous accessories and ethereal fabric - presented at many fashion shows - presented by Gina Pistol and Lara Holtea
- Alinka Rocks - based on studds, metalic accessories, gold and silver - presented at many fashionshows
- Alinka Black Gold - based on black dresses with golden accessories - presented at Beauty Days Satu Mare 2012

Latest Collection