Aline Precious

Grey Sheep


brussels / belgium



Graduation year


Following a career with Chanel in Belgium, I grasped the opportunity to utilize my experience and travel to Bali to take the first steps towards developing individually designed products for women.

My Continued goal is to create stunning, original pieces which offer a feeling of elegance in addition to maintaining practicality in everyday lives. Each piece is designed and drafted with love and care, timeless pieces that fit with the attendance of any event or activity.

Inspired by my passion for travel, and a keen interest in different cultures and landscapes, my designs are handmade by a team of talented local jewelry makers. The materials used have been carefully selected to maintain strength, while allowing for flexibility to fit a range of individuals.

Special care has been taken in the development of samples, resulting in a unique, elegant feeling from wearing each item. Half brass, half silver, our collections develop to complement simple outfits, elevating moods and bringing added sparkle to daily life.

We’re currently working on numerous pieces, designed to fit each woman’s beauty and shape perfectly. Many of the pieces combine mindfully selected metals with stones, which I love to work with, selecting each for its individual properties.

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