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Alina Doll is a fashion designer specialized in knitwear and lingerie. Her work is characterized by her intuitive moulage studies.
She found her way to fashion thanks to her grandmother, who is a seamstress, and her mother, who made many of her garments as a child. Being surrounded by fabrics, she learned to love the way fabric drapes and creates shape. Her passion for craftmenship grew when she taught herself to knit, sew and embroider. Eager to learn more she found her way to the Amsterdam Fashion Insititute in 2010. It was here she developed her skills further and found her own voice.
With each collection she tells a new story, and she has many to tell. ‘The start is always personal, an experience that triggered something or events that keep my mind busy’ At AMFI she learned how to develop personal starting points into concepts and to express them through clothing. More than anything, her 6 months internship at Viktor&Rolf taught her the importance of the process. The work and dedication that went into every detail made her appreciate her job even more.
Her eye for detail, her love for craftsmanship and her intuitive draped silhouettes characterize her own work. She is curious and always searches for innovative techniques or materials. She goes where the story leads her, never knowing beforehand where it will lead to in the end. Her open mind and critical eye allow her to surprise others with each collection and she hopes to continue doing so. Eager as she is to continue creating her own collections.

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