Alicia Hannah Naomi

Black Sheep


melbourne / Australia



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Through the application of earthly textures, my body of work is a celebration of the transience of all things in nature, and pays homage to the elegance in objects that carry the burden of their years with dignity and grace.

I primarily use the technique of lost wax casting - carving and sculpting forms and textures by hand. Designing and creating directly through wax modelling, my outcomes are often direct results of my making process, giving each work a measure of irregularity that is complimentary to the organic source inspiration. In order to communicate and to emphasize the strange beauty of permanent change and decomposition, I like to create sharp visual juxtapositions between my rough surface treatments and polished, smooth interiors.

I am enchanted by the stoic resilience of our earthly landscapes and I find humility in the knowledge that - in the face of an impending ecological disaster inflicted upon the planet by the human civilization; long after our species subsequently destroys itself and those around it - the Earth itself will endure.

I try to travel frequently to places of particular creative inspiration in order to connect with my source of influence, taking trips inland to Victoria’s vast natural rainforests and up our coastline where our oceanic geology is a spectacle that never fails to cause an artistic response. Understanding how these environmental landmarks are constantly evolving due to the interference of human inhabitants and industrialization, as well as our efforts for conservation and attempts at rehabilitation are integral to the way my work is informed.

Through the intimate narrative of personal adornment, I craft wearable artworks with a purpose to complete the wearer’s aesthetic identity, allowing them to proudly assert their inclination towards the counterculture and resonance with the poignancy of the dark side of nature.

In the wake of unprecedented environmental emergency in Australia, I am committed to honoring the changing landscape through my artistic practice.

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