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Alice Springs is not your usual Jeweler, she works with an array of recycled and natural materials, semi-precious stones, silver, gold, leather, wood and plays around with “out-of-the-ordinary” looks and ideas.

What made you become a Jewelry Designer?

I studied contemporary jewelry design after studying painting and I have architect parents, jewelry is a way for me to combine everything I love in my designs. I’ve always loved fashion and jewelry is a perfect way for me to play with sculptural forms, colors and patterns.

Describe the style of your Jewelry…

I work using various techniques that I've studied over the years and I always love to keep on learning. Lost wax, sculpting as well as the ancient Japanese Mitsuro technique, have become some of my favorite ways of creating my pieces. Up cycled plexiglass has been one of the main signature materials that I've used to bring in bright colors into my designs. I hand polish each piece and use precious metals to bezel my cutout shapes, in gold and rose gold to accent. I also use carefully selected vintage and fair trade semi precious stones, that I assembled by hand for the finishing touches. There are different styles of necklaces, earrings and rings along with bracelets and bodices. I am very inspired by art and nature, my travels and popular culture, colors and geometry. I have been told that my work is both futuristic and empowering while remaining fine, detailed and feminine. I want people to turn their heads when they see my pieces walking down the street!

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