Alexej Ballach

Grey Sheep


mannheim / germany


Private College of contemporary art ( 2003)/ private fashion college

Graduation year


Main Manufacturing Countries


Alexej Ballach, born in Russia, in the 80`. Started his education in art early age by visiting private art schools/ working as helper for artists and an architect part time to the school, decided 2003 to work with his main energy into fashion.
After graduation of an private fashion college, where he could compare his knowledge of developing art - objects and drawing in various techniques, in 2006, he already started work freelance for the first brand, part time to the school during the last semester.
Between 2006 and 2012 he worked for various brands, but it was from the beginning his plan, to launch an own label, which could transport his
- maybe a little bit different point of view on the nowadays fashion -

Since 2012 alxejballach follows his idea of an essence of contemporary fashion with fast collection change, all 3 months with a short delivery time of only a view weeks on pre order collections, tailored workmanship quality, Made in Germany.

No gender, No season, just pure, dark- monochrome, minimalism. Back to the essence of, every day, wearable, contemporary fashion, with an avant-garde attitude...