Alexandra Popoviciu

Black Sheep


london / United Kingdom


coventry university

Graduation year


Alexandra Popoviciu made her debut in London with the collection Crowns of Illusion. She worked as a studio assistant for designers like J.W Anderson, Iris Van Herpen and as a freelancer for Rick Owens. Her creations are made around elaborate narratives that are most of the time autobiographical. Futurist fantasies, perceptions of reality, emotional power, and raw energy is characteristic of the designer, guided by all of these in her creative process. The brand roots its design philosophies in creative experimentation, conceptual designs, and technical ingenuity. She takes a multidisciplinary approach to her work, blending traditional techniques and original tailoring with cutting-edge technologies to develop experimental 3D fabrics.

"My work is about taking elements from old techniques, exploring craftsmanship from all over the world while mixing them with digital technology and interpret it in my own way." Her creations are also reflecting paradoxical relationships such as life and death, melancholy and euphoria, reality and fantasy. "It's a good way to keep the balance and to remind myself that I'm between".
"I consider clothing as a way of packaging the body, representing the inner and outer self as an art form with a purpose to transcend the traditional modes of wearable art and push the boundaries of fashion."

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