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Alexandra Moura creates contemporary avant-garde collections for men and women that reflect her personality and creativity. Leading the charge for Portuguese arts and culture alongside current day contemporaries, Moura takes a fearless approach to fashion with a focus on artistic expression and an offbeat spirit. Moura’s collections are traditional fashion reinterpreted with an artistic vision that makes them intriguing, dynamic and downright fun.

Working beyond everyday style, Alexandra Moura’s work is exploratory, seeking to approach clothing in a new way. Pushing beyond the stereotypes of gender and the conventional use of fabric and print, her work leans towards the avant-garde, reflecting a love of Japanese fashion design that captured her mind as a teenager. This influence shines through in Moura’s work where classic tailoring is reimagined in playful, textured fabrics and silhouettes are tweaked to create bold and exaggerated shapes. Each collection is at once eccentric and wearable, infused with a sense of subversiveness.

Each season, the Alexandra Moura design team explore the idea of opposing forces coming together, playing with contrasting ideas, textures and references. Romanticism is bound together with the urban, classic looks are clashed with iconic sportswear details and classically feminine looks subverted with the masculine. Unabashedly romantic and artistic, the collections draw distinct parallels with the cultural mood of Portugal, which is renowned for its romantic, melancholic spirit.

Driven by conceptual exploration rather than conventional trends, Alexandra Moura’s collections are timeless and seasonless. Moura’s collections find a natural home in the wardrobes of those with a keen eye for detail, an appreciation for fine craftsmanship and an independent spirit. Each collection brings Moura’s inspiration to life as a collage of fabrics and colours, combining sheer, knits and textured fabrics with a considered eye and sense of proportion that makes every it desirable, covetable and collectable.

With a highly creative mind and witty approach to design, each Alexandra Moura collection is a considered artistic expression, designed to embolden the wearer with a sense of strength, independence and individuality.

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