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hong kong polytechnic university

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Alex is a Masters graduate of Hong Kong Polytechnic University - International Design and Business Management 2015, following immediately after the completion of his Bachelor Degree in Birmingham City University, School of Jewellery - BA Jewellery and Silversmithing 2014.
He had participated in exhibitions within and outside UK since, and at the same time working towards building his own brand to represent his line of work. Upon graduation, he taught at Hong Kong Design Institute for Higher Diploma Programme in Jewellery and Image Product Design. He also worked at Obellery - Contemporary Jewellery Studio as a gallery assistant, curating exhibitions and promote contemporary and innovative wearable objects to the public.

Alex's signature work 'Legacy of the Apiarist' stems from his appreciation for honey bees' contribution towards human civilisation. He wishes to highlight the pressing phenomenon that is colony collapse disorder that is currently devastating the global bee population.

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