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istituto marangoni (milano)

Aletheia’s creations reflect the international experiences and the stylistic expertise I acquired while living in New York and working with the fashion maisons Oscar de La Renta and Alexander Wang.

An endless passion for footwear, the most sophisticated wearable element that more than any other garment establishes elegance initially sparked my interest for such product. On the other hand, creating a brand emerged from a desire to address the lack of diversity and individuality that afflicts the luxury footwear industry. In the last 10 years increasingly uniform trends characterised the shoe offering. Consequently, fashion maisons not only detached themselves from the core products they were initially known for but also brought to market evermore-similar products, collectively. Such tendency fuelled a saturation of fashion companies’ style and product portfolios along with a loss of creativity that ultimately harms the consumer and the overall society in the form of a narrower stylistic choice and lack of positive externalities.

Living in Milan I have the luck to not only benefit from the inspiration of a fashion capital, but also from the proximity to the a luxury footwear production centre. Such priviledge stimulates me to address the dynamics outlined above while pursuing my passions.

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