Alessia Solari

Grey Sheep


miami / united states


The Florida State University

Graduation year


Swiss born designer, Alessia Solari, always had an artistic spirit. As a child, she spent her summers playing in her grandmother’s basement where thousands of costumes, vintage clothing, jewelry and accessories were all at her fingertips. Alessia developed a keen eye for fashion and used it as a way of self-expression.

After graduating, she went to work for the UN in Geneva.It was during this period of her life where Alessia first realized that there was no brand that she could really relate to; being a young woman she was tired of the same brands she had worn during her high school and college years but couldn’t yet afford high priced designer goods. She knew exactly what she was looking for, colorful, sophisticated, fashion forward shoes of high quality at an affordable price point. She started by designing a pair of exquisite sandals for herself. She delved into the world of textiles and different materials and felt revitalized to express her creativity once again. Alessia’s first collection is infused with colors and patterns inspired by South American jungles teeming with life, by the ever-changing colors of the Mediterranean and by the shimmering sunsets dancing off clouds.

Alessia Solari is celebrated for its superior craftsmanship and vibrant designs. She understands the modern woman and creates balanced products that always stay true to her guiding principals. - Don’t walk through life unnoticed.

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