Alessandra Stabili Jewelry

White Sheep


rome / italy

Alessandra Stabili jewelry is for the woman of modern era who appreciates the art of heritage. While designing the pieces with her own hand, the designer had a certain image of a woman who is confident, impeccably elegant and admires luxury. Alessandra Stabili is the master of Traditional Italian crochet techniques like Ars Wetana, Merletto Fruilano and Pizzo d'orvieto. She has experienced herself the demand in crochet jewelry when she entered into the Indian market with a greater acceptance of her Italian jewelry. It is her talent how she uses the variety of materials from metal to fabrics. She is an expert in using Swaroski Crystals and elements like Tagua which is a stone found in South America. There is wide range of products that she offers in her jewelry that starts from cufflinks to necklaces. Her jewelry is inspired from different cities that she has visited and in some way has touched her heart. She has come a long way with her experience and her traditions. No matter what ethnicity a woman belongs to, the woman would feel that she has travelled the world as each piece of the jewelry is carefully selected by the designer from different parts of the world. Any woman can feel alive and like a rare diamond at the same time by just wearing her hand made design. Her creations are inspired from the crochet techniques which she feels is on its way to extinction as there is hardly no one who knows this specific original art. Alessandra Stabili jewelry is for a woman who believes in reliving the heritage.

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