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A bit of copy about me. My name is Nana. I started drawing crazy collections as a kid, when I lived in Armenia. Also, now I believe that in sustainable fashion I was able to find a creative way to my lifestyle: to give my contribution to a better world. This was the reason I started my brand "Alenkie".

For me, the Slow Fashion is my inspiration and what makes the brand special is that it's totally cruelty-free and gentle with all skin types. We are obsessed with designing clothes from recycled ocean bottles, fishing nets , organic cotton and tencel (lyocell) that make the world a better place. The store is based in Argentina, although we do worldwide shipping.

We are pioneers of the sustainable and minimalist style in the country. We try to be transparent about all the information in our confections and advices about good actions for the environment.

We want to keep growing and learn new ways to create clothes that don't leave a negative mark on the world. That's what we're really focused on