Grey Sheep


Pontevedra / spain


university of vigo / AITEX

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We achieve our unique point of differentiation by making all our garments in printed fabrics with our own exclusive designs.

Alba LAZARÍ creations are recognizable by our hallmark, original prints, created by designer and brand founder, Alba Rodal, who conceives each design as if it were a small artwork. The prints are an expression of her unique and original style which confers exclusivity to each creation.
Creativity is inherent in the design of each Alba LAZARÍ garment, a fusion of inspiration, technical knowledge and a long creative process, from the original sketches to the finished product.

Each Alba LAZARÍ creation is made in a traditional, artisanal way by a team of professionals with a real passion for their work, taking care of every detail and once finished undergoes exacting quality control to verify it meets the demanding standards of our brand.

Each season, we offer a collection with our exclusive prints in enchanting palettes highlighting the seasonal trend colours.

At Alba LAZARÍ, women are our inspiration. Our aesthetic is elegant and feminine, with a classic and timeless silhouette for women who are seduced by elegance, who dress well and seek specially designed creations. Woman who like to feel attractive, while maintaining their own essence.

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