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Graduation year


We believe in bringing colours to the world.
Embracing Latin heritage and the gist of design, AKA Tropicalia offers an escape to the world of tropical vibes.
A colourful splash of design and art, each piece is limited edition and handmade.

Lua Magalhães – Creative Director
Born in Rio de Janeiro and currently living in Amsterdam, Lua Magalhães has transported her style across continents. Lua believes in bringing the world of Art and Design to our day-to-day lives – and she has been doing that for over 15 years, from renowned fashion shows like Fashion Rio, music video styling with mainstream and undergrounds artists, and most recently as a branding co-director of Svetlana - Vogue Award winner for Sustainability “EcoEra” of 2016.
On moving to Amsterdam, embracing her grandma’s seamstress heritage, Brazilian tropical childhood and art design school, Lua founded AKA Tropicalia.

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