Aisegul Telli

Grey Sheep


istanbul / turkey


University of istanbul


2009 Graduation from University of Istanbul, Chemistry


2016 Jan ``The Essentiality of the Form`` Exhibition, Palakiss Centre, Vicenza, Italy

2016 Feb ``Maden`den`` Graduation Group Exhibition, Manzara Istanbul , Istanbul , Turkey

2016 Mar-Apr ``True Blue`` Exhibition, Baltimore Jewelry Centre, Baltimore, USA

2016 Feb-Dec ``Impressions2016-The Permanent`` Exhibition, Alliages Gallery, Lille , France

2016 Apr-… Honos Art Contemporary Art Gallery , Rome , Italy

2016 Apr-… Charon Kransen Arts, New York, USA

2016 May-… Galeria Alice Floriano, Porto Alegre, Brazil

2016 Aug Art Aspen , Colorado,USA. Represented by Charon Kransen Arts

2016 Sept Houston Art Fair , Houston, USA. Represented by Charon Kransen Arts

2016 Sept-Oct Joya Art Jewelry Fair, Barcelona,Spain. Represented by Alliages Gallery,France

2016 Oct METALLOphone: Bonds ,The 3rd International Biennial of Contemporary Metal Art,

(AV17) Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

2016 Nov Sofa Expo Art Fair, Chicago, USA . Represented by Charon Kransen Arts, NY, USA

2016 Nov- Triple Parade 2016 `` Dialogue across You and Me to Them: Creator, Wearer, Viewer``

2017 Jan TAFA Art Museum ( Grand Exhibition Hall ), Tianjin ,China

Gauguin Gallery, Beijing, China

2016 Nov New York Antique & Jewelry Show, Palm Springs, USA. Represented by Charon Kransen

2017 Feb Palm Beach Jewelry & Antique Show, Florida, USA. Represented by Charon Kransen

2017 Oct Venice Design Week Jewelry Selection Finalist , Venice, Italy

2017Sep-Feb2018 Ickx Gallery ``Contrepoints`` Exhibition , Brussels, Belgium

2018 Mar-Apr Labor Im Chor Gallery , `Schmuck Verbindet` Exhibition , Stuttgard, Germany

2018 Mar `Nothing to Declare` Exhibition, Amber Trip, Vilnius, Lithuania

2018 Apr Jewelry Links Turkish Collective Exhibition , Melting Point Valencia, Spain


2018 July Jewelry Links Turkish Collective Exhibition, Alja&Friends, Vienna, Austria


2017 Jan Jewelry Virtual Fair, ``Fuchsia Inspirations`` Jewelry Design Contest, Vicenza, Italy


2017 Apr Vicenza Jewelry Spring Show, Palakiss Centre, Venezia, Italy (rewarded)


2015 Sieve by Design, by Author Gunjan Suri (India)

2016 WHOIS WHO in Visual Art (Germany )

2017 Exhibition In Print : Repair And Renewal curated by Stuart Kestenbaum, SNAG, produced by
Metalsmith Magazine (USA)

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