Grey Sheep


paris / france

Aimroad are not a clothing brand but an artistic concept that gathers a handful of insiders who swore and swore fealty to the gods of Arts .

Art has no secrets for them, they are studying Fashion, Graphic Arts , Music and Street Art , well away from the eyes of men.

Discrete , they appear only when the artistic ideas overwhelm . They are then forced to go out to express themselves and unleash their creative impulses.

Led by the Masters Ayatollax Israel and Berg , notorious tyrants , gurus and abject beings in the words .

Artistic Guerilla takes shape and appearance as the concept and the name " Art or Terrorism Terrorism Smart ."

Terrorism Art (2014-2015 Collection)

This collection was crafted handmade by the French Association Legu'art .

This association connects young designers with people in precarious situations, elderly, retired , maternity leave, disability with extensive experience in the fields of sewing , knitting and embroidery.

Each piece is unique and limited edition , they are all distinguished by their aesthetic feature .

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