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Aimee Robinson is a Kent/London based lingerie designer and machinist specialising in couture. Aimee started her journey into fashion 6 years ago when undertaking a womenswear diploma before graduating from The London College of Fashion in 2021, in Fashion Contour. Aimee won the Luna Mae award 2019 and began work as a couturier with Luna Mae, whom she was with for 2 years. Aimee often works with silk satins, tulles and various high-quality fabrics and techniques to curate pieces with a classic silhouette with an innovative edge. Colour plays an important role in their journey as a designer and is at the forefront of the nonpareil collection. Aimee's pieces are designed to be seen and look as beautiful on the inside as they do on the outside, with creative techniques to ensure the silk lining is delicate and intricately executed.


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