Grey Sheep


mumbai / india


london college of fashion

Graduation year


Ai.Ko aims at mixing tradition with the modern. Moving ahead, yet creating fashion that is timeless.

Aarti graduated with a degree in surface textiles from the London College of Fashion. Previous work experience in the city that never sleeps * New York, and her travels have inspired her to create a label that is multicultural, yet a reflection of her roots. . Strongly inspired by architecture, the mundane and the fantastic, using the rich fabrics of India and the creativity of the Indian master craftsmen, she designs contemporary western wear and fusion wear.
Her clothes are designed for the woman who is unafraid to break rules, stand out and speak out. They are simply an extension of her personality. A global citizen, who doesn't define herself by society's standards.

'ai.ko' meaning 'love child' in Japanese is a tribute to the occasion that is 'life'.

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