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is a London based award-winning Austrian Fashion Accessory and Jewellery Designer.
Exploring the moments between Life and Death, Religion, Art and Identity are the key aspects of her art. She was praised at the UAL Digital Edge Conference 2018 for her designs, combining traditional craftsmanship with digital technology and was named amongst other 27 artists as one of "Best emerging talents of UAL" at XHIBIT2019. Ninja won "the Procter and Gamble Better Lives MA 2019 Award", an award that uses the disciplines of fashion to drive change that improves people's lives and builds a sustainable future. In May 2020, Ninja was selected as one of "ITS 2020 Jewellery Finalist".
At the age of 18 Ninja, also known as Ninz, left school to make the world educate her in life. She travelled 5 continents and 44 countries. Meeting new people, learning about their life-stories and discovering different religions & cultures during her travels, gave her all the inspiration for her creations. After travelling the world she finished her A-Levels, moved to one of her favourite places in the world - London, where she studied Fashion Cordwainers Accessory Design, Postgraduate Degree in Art History and RECENTLY COMPLETED her Master's Degree in MA Fashion Artefact at the renowned London College of Fashion.
She is also the Creative Director of DELA ÉVA.
Member of the Society of Jewellery Historian and Cross-Stitch Guild.

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