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ADRIANA RICA stands for smart, self-confident and dynamic customers. The naturalness of the woman is our ideal of beauty. That's why our design focuses on this naturalness, ease, comfort and modernity. Every collection is inspired by a very special topic. Besides these leading themes the style of our label is always characterized by romance and femininity.

One of the most important aspects while creating our clothes is our fun on designing. We transfer this attitude into our collections and create each single garment with passion and individual enthusiasm. We also wish to share our fun with the work with our customers. We make it possible to wear our clothes with self-confidence because it is characterized by long lasting and transparent production. That's why we have our own high requirements of fashioning and materials for each part of garment we produce. We highly prefer natural fibers that give a sense of comfort such as silk, cotton and leather and aim providing a high standard of quality through regular checks.

Transparency is also very important for us. We want our customers to know where the fashion of ADRIANA RICA is produced and how the production takes place. Having satisfied and socially well treated employees in our production is as much important to us as providing a good design. We believe that only satisfied people can produce clothes that bring joy and a sense of long lasting happiness and responsibility.

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