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Launched in May 2012, by the fashion designer Adriana Praça, the brand’s namesake, is focused on a cosmopolitan, contemporary and timeless fashion. A graduate in Fashion Design from Faculdade Santa Marcellina, with additional study at London School of Fashion, Adriana entered the fashion world in 2002 when she returned from London and created the women’s brand Madrih. In 2012, she rebrands to offer fashion under a new label that bears her name.

The brand focuses on the finish and soft feel on the skin. The fabrics used are the finest in the market, and pieces are lined with very soft viscose material. Adriana Praça’s collection is characterized by the mixture of fabrics and colors - made with at least three different types of fabrics, colors and textures.

For her creations, the designer seeks inspiration from trips to exotic places like Morocco, India and Thailand. She prefers not to follow specific trends. The variety of cultures, ethnicities and styles present in these countries serve as resources for the designer to develop her intricate pieces. It is Adriana Praça’s eye for details that makes every collection special, feminine and unique.

Latest Collection

Latest Collection