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Hatyai / thailand


london college of fashion

Graduation year


ADISORN was established by Adisorn Prakaianurat a becoming graduate in London College of Fashion ,London, United Kingdom. Adisorn is originally from Thailand and did a bachelor degree in Marketing in Thailand with won prize marketing communications. He did an internship over a summer term in Preen by Thornton Bregazzi. During the internship, he gained a lot of strengths in manipulating patterns, making astonished printed into the garments as well as abilities to deal in fashion industry. 
Adisorn’s aesthetic is from unusual, funny and quirky apparels that is also affected by reappropriation culture. The designer usually takes objects that are not supposed to be garments or worn and manipulates them into clothing. However, the finishing and trimmings are garment recognisable and taken from garments to illustrate a combination of clothes and non-clothes. He usually uses uncommon materials for making different silhouettes along with finding the best solutions to come up with the fairest finishings of the outfits on each collections.
The brand does not stop pushing a limit of ways to take the apparels to different aspects of wearing, which means his designs are playful, quirky and absurd.

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