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Art Institue of Seattle

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My name is Alex, I am the founder and designer of Acid Queen Jewelry. I, like many other makers, began this journey as a hobbyist where I paired found objects such as bones, chains, charms, crystals, and other natural items to create unique jewelry. I began taking metalsmithing classes in 2012 which not only ignited my passion but my spirit as well.

Acid Queen Jewelry is inspired by the beauty and wonder of nature and our universe, of the known and the unknown, all of life's mysteries that are waiting to be discovered and the ones that have been lost to history. My aesthetic and approach to design are inspired by the combination of Esoteric Sciences, Metaphysical Healing and Ancient Cultures, Ritual Adornments and Armor. I pair metals, crystals, geometric patterns and bones with new and ancient metalsmithing techniques to create an aesthetic that is unique to Acid Queen Jewelry.

My pieces are made using a wide variety of processes, each piece is created with the highest level of dedication to producing beautiful and long lasting jewelry. Each piece in my shop is hand fabricated using raw materials, casting is the only process I outsource.

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