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The Acenté is the fashion brand that has found the answer for a women’s daily ritual. It gives a delicate emphasis on the life of women. It is a motif of  Acenté. We have observed women’s daily life passionately to meet our brand’s motif.
 The Acenté encompasses the meaning 'Subtle Accent', and we pursue a unique, stylish and long-lasting design that will outlast any short term fashion trends.

In addition, the Acenté offers a contemporary avant-garde design, designs that are distinctive from other fashion brands and are expressed in a present-day way by combining classical and avant-garde feelings into wearable pieces that encourage individuality.

The Acenté finds color and form in various women's figures and values ​​a storytelling theme.

We are researching the image of women who live in diverse environments and cultures around the world and are inspired by the style and philosophy of women in the historical flow and art movements.

All pieces in the Acenté are based on a design that appeals to everyone. They are worthy of being with you for a long time, and so we encourage long term relationships and will grow with our customers over time.

We aim to create a small scale production that can concentrate on details, and we will create clothing that can feature women's lives though stay distinctive from fast fashion brands.

Acenté_______ Designer

Dayun Lee is the founder and creative director of Acenté. She majored in London College of Fashion - BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear.

She has studied in London and was a finalist in numerous competitions having achieved success with one and has won several awards. She has decided to build her own brand based on her experiences working in the designers’ ateliers, conducting and leading numerous projects. Since she has graduated from the school in 2018, she has launched Acenté, a brand for women who enjoy art and enjoy uniqueness, without the distinction of age or nationality.

She has been selected as a selected as a representative of South Korea at the 2019 iD International Emerging Designer Awards as one of Korea's top fashion designers. She promulgates her world by being active in various fields as an illustrator as well as a fashion designer.

In her activities, her delicacy is always showcased, and her unique sense of emotion is captured well.

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