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borås / sweden


swedish school of textiles

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Abril was born in Mexico. She did her BA studies as a Product Designer at "Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, ITESM" . She had always a big interest on Fashion and Textiles, after graduating from her BA she applied on studies at "The Swedish School of Textiles" for a MA of Fine Arts in Fashion and Textile Design. Her previous background as a Product Designer gave her the tools to become a a Fashion Designer with a lot of focus on the materiality of the garments, the textile part. For her, there is no limitation in which material she will use to construct a garment. She manipulates the materials to extract their visual attractiveness having strong drive to create a sensorial and interactive connection of the wearer and the garment.
Her work is strongly based on creating textiles out of unordinary materials and the creation of knits. She focus on investigating the potential of combining unconventional with conventional materials as textiles for clothes.

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