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Aakasha is Bulgaria based Fashion brand. It started in 2012 with online sales of ladies’ garments, which quickly took off speed and helped the company grow and develop. At present Aakasha has an online shop in Etsy and and is in process of constant growth.
In the past couple of years our brand has developed and matured, and our satisfied clients multiplied worldwide. The explosion in social networks and blogs in the recent year further contributed to the development of our online presence.
Aakasha was inspired our desire to create clothes and accessories with distinctive style, influenced by the minimalist contemporary movements and simple silhouettes, which can be very original and cutting edge at times. Our designs have deep meaning and come to life with lots of love and creativity. They have recognizable individuality, which you can bring into your own life, for any kind of occasion. It is the epitome of alternative contemporary chic.
We create affordable street extravagant style for all ages and sizes. Artistic, without being extreme and quirky in a sophisticated way – Aakasha is the daily challenge for anyone to dare to be unique and different.
We are constantly expanding our line. Since 2015 year we started producing Shoes, Bags and Statement necklaces, all in the unique Aakasha style. We also just started our Aakasha Men line.
And we have so much more planned!

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